What is bitcoin and Crypto? How to Earn Bitcoin?

How to earn money from bitcoin and Crypto currency
Earn money online by bitcoin

What is crypto Currency And how we can earn money from bitcoin

Today in this post I trying to describe  about what is bitcoin and Crypto currency. And how we can earn money from it.

What is Bitcoin and Crypto currency 

We all know that dollars, rupees and any other country's currency are visible. We can touch it save it use it. But crypto currency is a virtual currency. It means we cannot touch it. We can only hold it in online wallets. Bitcoin is the world's first crypto currency. It invented in 2009 By satosi nakamoto. In 2009 one bitcoin price was almost $0.20 and now it's $7000 In present.

How to earn money from bitcoin and Crypto currency
Earn money online by bitcoin

It means if anybody invested $1 USD in bitcoin in 2009 now $1 USD convert into $35000 USD. But if we calculate in December 2018 Than $1 USD convert into $99000 USD  because at these time bitcoin touch it's all time high (1 BTC = $19800 ).

Ethereum is one more popular crypto currency. It's initial price (ico price) was almost $0.1 USD but now it's worth $250 USD. One time ethereum touched it's all time high price almost $1450 USD.

How can we make money by bitcoin 

A lot of people in the world earning online by affiliate, Youtube , bloging, website, ptc sites but Make money online by trading in crypto and bitcoin is the trending way to earn money online in 2018 and 2019 and I hope it will be continue.

From 2009 people earn money  by bitcoin. When bitcoin down you can invest in it. And when market go up and bitcoin price also up than you can sell it and can make profit.

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💎 How can we buy and sell bitcoin 

A lot of exchanges where we can buy sell and trade bitcoin and crypto currency.  Binanace is world's number one crypto exchange by volume.

Join Binance here :- https://www.binance.com/?ref=16267739

But if you are a Indian user wazirx exchange is the best place where we can buy sell and trade bitcoin and crypto.

Join wazirx here :- https://wazirx.com/invite/raz5a

Just signup on wazirx complete kyc and go to p2p section where you can buy and sell bitcoin and crypto. Indian users also create  a account on binance where you can trade your bitcoin in more crypto coins.

Note :- Friends I am not your financial adviser. This post is only for knowledge purpose. I am not responsible about your profit and loss.



Friends this post is about only general information about crypto and bitcoin. If you have any questions about this topic you can ask me by comment. I will make more posts about how to earn money online and crypto currency. So keep in touch.




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