How To Find Topics For Blog and YouTube Video


In this post I want to show you how to find blog topics and YouTube videos ideas easily. 

Today I am going to talk about how to generate trending blogs and YouTube videos.

What’s problem

As a blogger or YouTuber sometimes it becomes difficult to find out blog topics and blog ideas. Moreover, finding YouTube Video Ideas and YouTube Video Topics is also pretty tough.

Then there will be pressure on your mind about your blog calender that if blogs do not continuously publish, then blog’s seo will get spoiled.

If you are not uploading videos regularly on your YouTube channel, then you will be loose your subscribers.

Thus, in this Post, you will find out multiple tricks how you can generate blog topic ideas and tricks on how to write blogs.

Most of you ask me how to find blog topics or unique blog ideas and blog topics for writers, so dont look further, this article is for you.

In this post, I will tell you 5 methods, which you can use to find topics for your blogs and YouTube channel.

So Let’s Get Start

1. Google Answer Boxes :- 

When you search anything in Google, Like “how to make a YouTube channel”. Then you can watch a Google answer box in search results.

There are a lot of micro topics of your topic. If you click here on any topic then a new topic will appear down. You can analyze these topics and can choose anyone for your Blog or YouTube channel. 


2. All Top Dot Com :- 

“”  is a agricater of worldwide content and it’s really a game changing tool.

AllTOP  analyze all blogs of all platform in worldwide and tells us what’s trending in which category today.


Here is all type of topics available Like – Health,  lifestyle, tech, sport, news, business etc.

If you want to know about today’s Cryptocurrency topics which are in trending today.

Then Go to >> Tech >Crypto

Read these topics and get some ideas.


3. Quora Dot Com :- 

Quora is a place where you can ask any question and write any answer of any question. You can also write your blogs here. When you search any keyword here Like “YouTube Channel”

Then you can see a lot of results will appear. You can analyze them and select any topic for your blog or YouTube channel.

Apart of this, Quora is a good source to get backlinks for your blogs or YouTube channel. You can write here some short blog and put your main blog link into this. Also can answer some questions and suggest them your blog.


4. Google Alerts :- 

Google alerts a tool where you can set a alert of your blog category or any topic.

Simply Go To

And write your blog category or any keyword. Google will send you mail with trending topic related to your category everyday in morning and evening.


5. Google Trends :- 

Google trends a product of google which show trending keywords worldwide and country wise.

First of all go to and select there your country, if you want to search trending keywords in your country. Result will show you keywords with number of searches.

You can get some ideas to make blog or video by analyze these trending keywords.

So friends I am using these tools on daily basis and I recommended as well.



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