How to Become Successful Youtuber in 2019


I think you also think that how to become a successful Youtuber in 2019. I am also a Youtuber since 2016 so I have some unique knowledge and experience of YouTube.

First of all I want to share my YouTube journey. I created my first YouTube channel in starting of 2016 but after 2 month my channel got suspended with $1260 earning. Because I didn’t follow YouTube’s rules and community guidelines.

I started again from zero and this time I decided to work honestly. This time I made a channel on health topics. My this channel also got popular rapidly. This time I received 2 payment from YouTube. Both payments was almost $250 USD.

After 5 to 6 months I got a copyright strike because of a single photo which I used in my video. After this I started work very carefully but after few days of strike my that new YouTube channel also got suspended. I don’t know that what was the reason.

This time I decided to leave YouTube and started to make money from blogging and websites. But I felt that this is very difficult for me and I skipped that also. At the starting of 2018 I decide to make money with crypto currency trading. I earned a decent amount of money with Crypto.

At the end of 2018 I decide again to work on YouTube. But this time I sincerely started a YouTube channel on 15 December 2018 with a topic which I had sufficient knowladge. And result you can see in this photo. At this time I got almost 72000 subscribers in just 2 months. How to Become successful Youtuber in 2019

You can see that my channel art is not look like as a professional and no any unique things in my channel. But now i explaine you that how I get 72000 in just two months. And my average viewers 30k to 50k on every new video In 24 hours.

So here are some tricks or hacks to become a successful Youtuber in 2019.

1. Common Things

Common things means everyone know about this. Like create content consistently. If you want to create video constantly on YouTube then you should start a channel on a topic which you have proper knowledge.

2. Get initial boost

This is also a big matter to get initial views and subscribers but don’t worry it’s very easy. You can search groups on facebook related to your channel’s topic and join them. Upload video and share it on facebook groups with big thumbnails.

3. Don’t do it in beginning

Most of new Youtuber waste time of their audience by saying that subscribe my channel and like my video. This is not a right way to impress your audience. If you making knowable content then viewer subscribe your channel.

4. Take a look on CTR

You all know that YouTube launched their new version of creator studio. You can see here your CTR percentage. If your CTR is nearly 4% to 5% then you need to improve your thumbnail.

5. Attractive Thumbnail

This is moat important thing to get fast success on YouTube. Video’s thumbnail is heart of your channel. If you make attractive thumbnail then most of viewers will click on your video.

6. Make Facecam Video

Facecam video is very important for become  successful  YouTuber in 2019. If you will make facecam video on your YouTube channel then your channel will be growing like a brand.

8. Browse feature

In 2017 and 2018 suggest video feature was best way to get success but in 2019 browse feature is more important than suggest video feature. So make video continuously to show your video on YouTube browse home screen.

I also used these simple trick to get fast subscribers and views in initial days.


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